Bulk SMS, USSD & SMS Shortcode

Davelite is a leading SMS messaging service provider offering two-way SMS communication services from your internet enabled computer. The WebSMS gateway reaches across borders and connects to over 800 mobile network operators world-wide.

We application-to-person (A2P) messaging services to large and small businesses, public benefit organisations, and individuals. The company has a global market presence in more East African countries, including Kenya, Uganda Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi.

Bulk SMS System features

Short Codes Keywords Overview

Keywords are short memorable word that are used with Short codes. They are used as call-to-action words e.g TEXT ‘Yes’ to 20013. These are words that can be used to distinguish messages being received through a shared short code or different services running in a dedicated Short Code.

For example, when you use as a keyword on 20013. Whenever a person sms to 20013, we’ll receive a message and we will forward that message and contacts to your platform and you can then process it in your own interface.



These are USSD that are allocated to one client only. Businesses or organizations that need increased customization choose to use dedicated USSD. A dedicated USSD is your personal short code; no other business or service will have the same short code.


Since Dedicated USSD are very expensive to set up and run we have introduces shared USSD that make this service more affordable for our clients.

USSD Billing

With this option the mobile phone user is charged Kes.10 for dialing the USSD for example when a mobile user dials *415# Kes. 10 is deducted from their airtime for that USSD session.

The USSD operator is charged per click for example when you dial *415# that is one click when you select option 1 that is another click and so forth until the end of the session.

The USSD is billed according to the total number of clicks per month. The higher the number of clicks the lower the charges.

No. of Clicks per Month0-50,000







500,000 –


1,800,000 and above

Costs per Click



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