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Biometrics Access Control | Time & Attendance

What we offer

Biometrics Access Control Solutions not only achieves rapid passage through multiple verification and identification technologies but also provides complete measures for specialized scenarios with high-security requirements and emergency protocols.

Key technology

Biometric authentication methods

  • High accuracy and efficiency of access control
  • The proprietary, multi-modal biometric mechanism uses deep learning algorithms
  • Biometric technology fusion enables faster recognition, with more capacity and more reliable performance.

Access Control Recommended solution

Improving personnel entry and management efficiency


  • Fast egress relieves traffic pressures 
  • Adds efficient management and maintenance
  • Provides visual verification of alarm events


  • Several authentication credentials: Face, ID cards, fingerprints, PIN codes, etc.
  • Visual monitoring, visually showing access control status
  • Real-time alarms, abundant alarm-linkage applications
  • Intercom at the door to request entry

Stay safer with higher-level protections


  • Effectively improves the security levels of access to specific areas 
  • Abundant linkage for events and alarms
  • UPS improves system stability


  • High security access control applications available, such as interlock, multiple authentication, anti-passback, etc.
  • Access control alarm with multiple linkages
  • Supports UPS

Personnel protection in emergencies


  • Reduces the risks for people in emergency areas
  • Improves evacuation efficiency
  • Informs employees of emergencies in timely manner
  • Empowers swift and accurate measures according to need


  • Emergency mode can be launched manually or by linkage to system
  • All doors are automatically kept open and IP speakers broadcast message repeatedly
  • Sends emails, SMS messages, or app notifications to all employees automatically 
  • Real-time people counting in emergency areas

Time Attendance Recommended solution

Basic attendance, simple and economical


  • Cost-effective, reliable performance 
  • Free cloud solution management, rapid deployment, and no server required
  • Remote access and management any time, from anywhere


  • Check one’s own attendance results on mobile phone
  • Remotely check in / out on mobile phone
  • 10 types of attendance reports

Professional attendance, complete and efficient


  • Supports multi-role and multi-user configuration and management
  • Abundant and diverse report statistics
  • Satisfies customers with more refined and flexible attendance management


  • Face / Fingerprint / Card / PIN code authentications
  • Dashboard for attendance statistics
  • Flexible attendance rules
  • 15 types of attendance reports (CSV / XLS / PDF)
  • Custom attendance reports
  • Third-party integration (database / openAPI / report file) 
  • Internet-based multi-site management